1900 Le Théâtre



✪ Address: 8 TẠ HIỆN, HOÀN KIẾM – HÀ NỘI

✆ Hotline: 091111.1900

@ Website: www.1900.hn

ⓕ Facebook: fb.com/1900.hn

回 Instagram: instagram.com/1900.hn

► Youtube: youtube.com/1900hn

♬ Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/1900hn





✯ 1900 Nightclub is located at the centre of Hanoi Old Quarter, on the Géraud Street – named by the French (now Tạ Hiện Street). The club was constructed base on the structure of the 100-year- old Quang Lac Theatre. In the early years of the 20th century, this was one of the best place for performing tradional arts like music and drama. The theatre was the representative for the Vietnamese culture at that time. After many war and post-war periods, Quang Lac theatre had been degraded, damaged and became inactive for a long time.

– Over 100 years later, 1900 Le Théâtre is established by the people who have much passion for arts. The combination between traditional culture and modern hot-trend vintage style is the main theme of the night club in terms of architecture and interior designs, making it very different from any other clubs in the world. When visiting the venue, people can be impressed by the large space and the furniture is very familiar due to the decoration. Guests will feel like travelling on the street of Hanoi from the old time with the power poles and the street-name boards. The walls are decorated with traditional and historical paintings and materials, recreating Hanoi from the old memories, making the atmosphere more similar to a theatre than a nightclub.

– On the other hand, 1900 Le Théâtre provides modern services with drinks from beer to soda, whiskey to vodka and even champagne. There are many different kinds of music performing every night, especially the dance music that make the atmosphere very exciting for all of the guests. In addtion, with the state-of-the-art sound and visual systems, the venue hosts a special monthly event with many famous guest artists from all over the world which attract about 800 people per night.

– 1900 Le Théâtre is now one of the best places of nightlife in Vietnam. It’s well-known by not only the local people but also the foreign tourists. The club is one of the place you must visit when staying in Hanoi – advised by many tourists…

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